48 Hour Threshold Fast

Cross a threshold alone into the wilderness for 48 hours, with an empty belly, to be one with the land and  your spirit as you mark a rite of passage in your life.

In this culture we when we are born we celebrate the years marking milestones throughout the year and milestones in our lives. “Important” days of the year may include New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and our annual birthday.  With milestone celebrations upon completion of  elementary school,  middle school, high school and college.  We fall in love and have children.  Have a career ,retire, and live our golden years relaxing until we die.  Well…that seems to be what the cultural norm is anyway.

There is a lot that happens in between those moments and marking them with a fast is a beautiful, unconventional, powerful way to leave the past in the past.  It is taking personal time to honor what has happened,  reflecting and then letting go.  It is also a time to S-L-O-W down to celebrate what is next.

For example, one might cross a threshold onto the land and take a couple days to reflect on a job change. You might be called to leave all the resentment or anger at the old boss across the threshold.  Or maybe it was a great job…stepping across the threshold is a great way to reflect on who you were and the lessons learned at that job and also who you want to be as you step into the next chapter of your life.

Another example is for the teenage boy transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.   Who was that confused boy and is he ready to step across the threshold and claim his manhood.

Who is that woman who has been a faithful mother and wife whose children are leaving the nest?  Taking that question and new found sense of being across the threshold can mark a new beginning in her life.

If you are going through divorce and want to mark the end of what was beautiful and painful in ceremony on the land, you have the opportunity to BEGIN AGAIN with a renewed sense of self..supported by community and the land.

Or maybe you are just STUCK and your not sure how or why.  Perhaps stuck in an old way of thinking or being.  Creating a powerful statement about who you are, or who you want to be…then stepping across the threshold alone is a great way to mark this NEW YOU.

There are countless reasons for marking a life event.  The problem is, in our culture we simply don’t take the time to do it.  This may create a sense of loss and is the recipe for making our beautiful rich life seem mundane and unimportant.

When we S-L-O-W down long enough to catch our breath, sit with others in nature, mark a time in our life in ceremony.  Our lives become more meaningful and we are able to step into ourselves more fully!

This program is called a 48 hour Threshold Fast because it is suggested that you step across the threshold with no food, only water for 48 hours.   It is said that the human being can go 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.  So, going without food for 48 hours is more of an inconvenience and a disruption of the “status quo” what new lessons will you learn? What is it like to go with an empty belly onto the land?

In this 5 day ceremony we will find out.  The first day we will prepare you for your time alone on the land.  Early the second morning you will make your way to your place alone.  At sunrise on the fourth day you will make your way back to camp were breakfast will be waiting for you.  That afternoon and the following day we will sit together to tell our stories about how the land spoke to us, what lessons we have learned, and how we will carry them into our everyday lives.   By mid afternoon on the 4th day we will close.

So join me and others as we journey onto the land  to mark meaningful times in our lives.  The relationships built and the lessons learned at these workshops last a lifetime.  The time alone on the land is imprinted on your soul forever.