“There must be a place for me in one of these great buildings of religion where the masses flock and ancient teachings are followed.  I was searching for a place where I was not judged for being human but accepted with love and open arms for being exactly where I was at that moment.

After years of searching, I found no such place…and then I looked inside of myself…and to the land and to the essence of the great teachings . I found that all the answers I have been looking for are within my grasp if I am willing and believe it is so.

I began to follow my spirit and it led me to a place of mystery and vulnerability.  A place where not knowing the answers to my questions was the answer.  A place where others sit in community and mystery with me , seeking the truth of their spirit.  Together in a circle of love and community we follow our human spirit in search of personal truth”.   Shawn McGuire


The Following Spirit Institute (FSI) was conceived in 2013 and is located in the South Eastern United States. It is a place where people come together and share their human spirit story. Where the human is able to speak, void of all modern social masks and stereotypes;  no matter their religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, job title. or social status.

The programs and workshops  at FSI fosters an environment that allows the human to set aside their differences, celebrate their similarities and support one another as we quest for personal truth.
We believe that truth is defined by each human spirit. What may provide peace for one, may not provide peace for another. We celebrate with those who are following their spirit in search of peace and understanding, and support each person as they discover their own personal truth, whatever form it takes.

In our search for peace and understanding in this life, many of us have found teachings that resonate deep within us.  Contrary to this,  many of us cling to teachings simply out of fear or because it is all we know. These beliefs may not have deep personal significance to us and therefore do not empower us in our lives.

Your work at FSI is to strengthen that which is authentic in you and dismiss those beliefs that no longer serve you .  We all  have an opportunity to live an authentic life of peace, full of rich meaningful connection with ourselves and others.

Here at FSI we support and provide workshops to aide you in your search, but to be clear…the work is yours and yours alone!

Our hope is that everyone will continue to listen for what is true for them and we will support and celebrate the diversity of love and peace that we have  found.