HS (human spirit) Coaching and Consulting is a place where you begin to merge your business self with your true life purpose self.  It’s a place where you design a plan for your life that honors both. The work done here creates the deeper meaning and purpose in all areas of your life that you have been looking for.

The programs and workshops at HS Coaching and Consulting foster a unique experience that begins to help unearth the true purpose of your life inside and outside the office.  I walk with those who are willing to follow their HS (human spirit) in search of personal and professional peace and understanding. As your coach I champion each of you as you discover your own personal truth both in your professional and personal lives.

Your work at HS Coaching and Consulting is to strengthen that which is authentic and unique in you and dismiss those ways of being that no longer serve you. We unearth this together. We all deserve an opportunity to live a successful ,authentic life of peace, full of rich meaningful connection with ourselves and others both inside and outside the office.

Here at HS Coaching and Consulting I provide one on one weekly sessions as well as group workshops to aide you in your search.

My goal is that you will continue or begin to listen to the call of  your spirit and do the work necessary to live a successful,authentic life of peace and connection in your professional and personal life.

I have coached and consulted with executives nationwide and sometimes they say “what do you mean by spirit?”  I simply say….we will be learning to listen and follow the call of you gut!  That usually answers that question!  So…do not get hung up on my words!  This is about you…and we design our time together in a way that makes sense to you.