Shawn McGuire Founder, Following Spirit Institute In my life I have been a  spirit seeker and entrepreneur. I  have spent my lifetime following my spirit looking for things that resonate as true. In search of happiness and fulfillment,  I have built and managed many successful businesses including a construction firm, restaurant, real estate company and life coaching business.  All of that” doing” has finally led me to this place of being.  Being in the present moment not reaching for anything per say, just following this human spirit of mine and helping others to do the same in their lives. There are many teachings that have carried me to this place, Christian, Jewish, New Age, Buddhist, Indigenous, 12 Step related…the list really goes on and on.  I believe that  if I ever say ” I KNOW”…then the learning and growing stops. So I continue to be in this state of curiosity where I seek and surround myself with people who are doing the same. What I know for sure is that we are all on this journey together.  I will respect everyone where they are, and I expect the same in return. For I know and believe there is not one path to love and each one should be honored. I have received my life coaching accreditation from the world renowned Coaches Training Institute  In California. I have trained extensively out west with the School of Lost Borders in the teachings of the Four Shields and Rites of Passage work. I am a carrier of the beautiful Way of Council having trained at the Ojai Foundation in California and with Virginia Coyle (co-author of the Way of Council) in Three Creeks California. I humbly carry these teachings to the East Coast of the United States in the hope that they will be used as a tool to create greater peace in the spirit of and between  my fellows and in turn create a more peaceful world for us all.

Following with you,

Shawn McGuire