Shawn McGuire   In my life I have been an entrepreneur and  spirit seeker and for the better part of my life I have been wrestling between the two. I have found that particularly in these times, my life purpose and the call of my spirit does not line up with the fast paced business world of today.

Long gone is a simple way of being that easily allowed for work life balance. Just like finding that perfect job,  one’s true life purpose and balance must be a quest consciously taken to find inner and outer peace of the human spirit.

I have spent my lifetime following my human spirit looking for things that resonate as true…not the truth of the church, or someone else’s truth but the truth found only deep in the gut of my unique human spirit.

That lifetime of following has led me to build and manage many successful businesses including a construction firm, restaurant, real estate company and life coaching practice. The recognition and awards from all that success, still left me feeling like I was missing something.  All of that” doing” has finally led me on the journey of my life purpose which is working hand in hand with you to find authenticity and connection in your life.

I have received my life coaching accreditation from the world renowned Coaches Training Institute  In California. I have trained extensively in the western United States with the School of Lost Borders in the indigenous teachings of the Four Shields and Rites of Passage work. I have spent years studying empathic listening techniques at the Ojai Foundation in California and with Virginia Coyle (co-author of the Way of Council) in Three Creeks California.

I have been in the arena playing hard ball in corporate America, an entrepreneur, sold over 200 million dollars in real estate and years of study in the area of coaching, listening and indigenous ways of being. This has created a unique skill set that allows me to walk with you, wherever you are in your life , with excitement, deep understanding and compassion.

Together we create a unique plan for you that honors the call that you have been hearing. The call that brought you here today.

The work is yours, we just uncover it together and I hold that as a privilege.


Shawn McGuire