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Here are some of our Local and worldwide partners.


Ojai Foundation

The Ojai Foundation continues with the mission “to foster practices that awaken connection with self, others, and natural world,” with three main program areas or “initiatives:” the Land Sanctuary, the Center for Council Practice, and Council in Schools.

School of Lost Borders-

The School of Lost Borders promotes the expression and development of wilderness-based rites of passage and field-based ecotherapy. The School provides programs to individuals and organizations, trains guides, and offers a variety of forms closely related to its core mission.

Coaches Training Institute-

Coaches Training Institute®, commonly known as CTI®, is the largest in-person coach training school in the world and the only program to teach CTI’s ground-breaking Co-Active Coaching® model in highly interactive courses. CTI’s proven whole-life coaching approach enables people to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life through a powerful coach/client alliance that promotes and enhances the lifelong process of learning.

Whether you are looking for an accredited coach training program, comprehensive leadership training, professional coaching certification, or powerful coaching skills to help you be more successful in your business and life, you will find it with CTI.


St John’s Lutheran Church-

This isn’t your grandma’s Lutheran Church.  Pastor Hamilton and Pastor Vicki hold beautiful space in allowing you to follow your spirit as you explore a relationship with Jesus.  By using the teachings of Jesus,  Martin Luther and the bible combined with allowing room for your spirit to hold universally held truths…creates a beautiful venue for you to safely explore your faith.

Positive Attitudes

Positive attitudes is a support group that offers love, hope, companionship and steady encouragement for those living with HIV/AIDS.  The group extends unconditional love, support and friendship.