Council is a compelling communication method that cultivates empathic listening and heartfelt dialogue.  Council helps to nurture the deep authentic connection with other human beings which is often neglected in our ever-faster, multi-tasking culture.

The Four Directions of Human Nature

North, South, East, West. We say it casually all the time…but the directions have  existed since the beginning of time and their teachings are many.  In this workshop we dive deep into a Native American teaching that shows us how to use them as markers and milestones for our life.

 Threshold Walk

When one steps across a threshold in nature looking for answers the unexpected begins to happen. Everything becomes pregnant with meaning and answers come from the voice of the wind, the birds, and the trees.

 Threshold Fast

Crossing a threshold alone into the wilderness with no food or shelter to be one with the land and spirit as you mark a rite of passage in your life.

 Vision Board Workshop

When we put our dreams, ideas, and goals on poster board and place them where we can see them regularly…the universe conspires to help us make them a reality!

Personal Guide

Together we walk in your life, rediscovering who you are, and learning tools that will carry you toward the discovery of your life purpose.