Magic of Listening (Council)

Council is a compelling communication method that cultivates empathic listening and heartfelt dialogue.  Council helps to nurture the deep, authentic connection with other human beings which is often neglected in our ever-faster, multi-tasking culture.

When was the last time you were with a group of people and someone said, “How are you?”  and you really felt like they cared? In this culture of smart phones, and Facebook we communicate with one another behind masks designed by us as how we want to be seen in the world.  We all do it.  The byproduct of that is the absence of genuine authentic connection with other human beings.  This missing connection can be found in Council.

Council has been found in cultures around the world since the ancients. It’s a simple concept;  sitting together in a circle with others.  However there is something magical that happens when humans honor one another through the act of listening and being heard.  We find that we hear our own story in people that perhaps don’t look like us,  have the same life path or job title.

As we slow down and begin to hone the art of  listening…we witness masks and titles beginning to fall away.  We discover that we are more alike than different , after all we share the same human spirit.  This new found connection with others enables better productivity, deeper communication, and a richer understanding for all.

The practice of council helps to call forth the human spirit in all of us!  As we soften,  we begin to see that as a species ,we are more alike than different and more loving than not.  This new found knowledge makes us no more vulnerable or crazy than the human sitting next to us.

It is a beautiful practice.  It will be our privilege to share it  with you.