Personal Guide/Coach

One hour a week. for three months, we focus on your life.  We begin to rediscover who you are and what carried you this far. You learn tools that will carry you to the next level in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Your professional life
  2. Your personal life
  3. In search of your true purpose in this life
  4. Major life change?  Who are you now?
  5. Work / Life Balance


You are the captain of our time. You decide what area of your life you want us to focus. It’s time to become unstuck and begin to make transformational change!

Congratulations! You have done the work in your life that has carried you to this point.  You have gotten your degree and perhaps your dream job and now you’re stuck wondering how do I get to the next level or maybe your left with the question “Is this all there is?” and you are longing for more.

This is a personally designed relationship in which we walk in your life for a minimum of 3 months.  I will keep us on track to accomplished your desired outcome.

During our confidential time together we journey to discover your personal and professional goals and values. These values are things that are essential to your being. I call it…”the things that make you tick!”.  When you know these values, you can design a personal and professional  life in alignment them.

We will journey to discover your goals,purpose and create a resonate statement that will continue to guide you long after our time together ends.

It is time to be unstuck and move to the next level.   It is time to dive deeper into your life.

It would be my honor and privilege to guide and coach you to a place of transformation.

3 Month Personal Guide Packages available

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