Personal Guide/Coach

Together we walk in your life, rediscovering who you are, and learning tools that carry you toward your life purpose.

If we are called to work together to make your life more fulfilling, or to accomplish something you just can’t seem to do on your own…. then it would be my honor to walk with you.

This is a personally designed relationship in which WE walk in your life for a minimum of 3 months.  I will keep us on track to accomplish your desired outcome, however YOU must do the work.

During our confidential time together we journey to discover your personal values. These values are things that are essential to your being.  I call it…”the things that make you tick!”.  When you know these values, you can design a life in alignment them, providing you a richer authentic human experience.

We will journey to discover your life purpose and together create a resonate statement that will continue to guide you long after our time together ends.

We will journey to find your captain and crew!  Who is the captain of your vessel? What is their name and how will you call upon them to help you?  Who is the crew of your vessel?  We will journey to find them and learn how to call upon them for help in your life.

Along the way we will inevitably run into those pesky Gremlins.  These are the voices in your head that say you are not good enough, fast enough, skinny enough, rich enough.  We will meet them…name them…and learn how to engage with them in your life.

This program is not for the faint of heart…and requires a big commitment from you!   The requirement from you is 45 minutes a week in person or on the phone. You will be given homework to do throughout the week.

Are you ready to be unstuck?  Are you ready to dive deeper into your life?  Are willing to do the work?

It would be my honor and privilege to guide and coach you to a place of transformation in your life.

3 Month Personal Guide Packages available

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