The Four Directions of Human Nature

North, South, East, West. We say it casually all the time…but the directions have always existed and in this workshop we dive deep into a Native American teaching that shows us how to use the directions as markers and milestones of our life.

We originally learned the Four Directions teaching from the School of Lost Borders. It was taught there as “The Four Shields of Human Nature”. This teaching was first given by a Native American named Hyemeyohsts Storm.  It was later expanded on by Steven Foster and Meredith Little, founders of the School of Lost Borders and the teaching now includes a much broader understanding of the directions and how they interfaces with the human being. I am humbled to be teaching this on the East Coast of the United States.

The teaching says that each direction correlates to a time in our life and a time of the year. For example, the South Direction is the place of the Child and Summer. If we move naturally around the wheel into the West…we move to Adolescence and Fall  again naturally around the wheel to the  North into the place of the Adult and winter.  And then finally into the East where we are in Elderhood and Spring. The directions move as natural as our lives and are continuous as the seasons. This teaching helps give us a different perspective and allows us to see where we are in our lives, what’s next and what to do about it.