Threshold Walk

When one steps across a threshold in nature looking for answers the unexpected begins to happen. Everything becomes pregnant with meaning and answers come from the voice of the wind, the birds, and the trees.

What is a Threshold Walk?

Threshold walks are often done in places in nature although that is not required. What is required is to create a line or threshold in which to cross and then step across it holding an intention and expecting to get the answers you are looking for on the other side.

What can I expect in a Threshold walk workshop?

We will meet as a group and begin with the ceremony of council. A short four directions teaching will be given. A suggested intention will be given for the walk, and each of you will cross a threshold and go on the land alone for two hours.

You will return with a story of what happened on the land…each person will tell the story of what happened on their walk. ┬áThat story will be mirrored back to you in a powerful way so that you will be able to carry it’s message with you in your life.